Work With Me...

We can work together in three ways. You can choose one or all three. Private Sessions, Group Events, or Shop for Books and/or CD’s to support and inspire you as you change and transform!

Private Sessions

I’m here to help you through all of the stages of YOU awakening to your true nature – a spiritual being having a human experience! Accepting you, loving you, and being compassionate with yourself is key! Exploring and releasing any resistance to being the “BEST YOU” is my passion! How does this happen? Through channeled guidance from Luminus and other unseen friends as well as healing with the Messengers of Light! We co-create a new reality together!

Sessions Rates:
$100 per hour
$60 per 1/2 hour
$150 per 1 1/2 hours

To book your personal session please click the link below and input the session rate you want. For sessions already performed, where you are given a different amount than the standard fees, you may enter that.


Group Events


Channeling with Luminus & The Messengers of Light

We have implemented Online events and you can click here to see the next Luminus & The Messengers of Light channeling date.

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