What does it mean to Reclaim Your Power? When was the last time that you chose to do something just because it pleased you to do it for yourself? I’m talking about doing things that harm no one or thing so let’s be clear about that.  Did you wonder what others would think about you when you did it? Did it bring you a sense of joy and peace when it was done? How did you feel? Was it a good feeling, one of self empowerment or self mastery? Was this CHOICE CONSCIOUSLY made?
Conscious choice is what is missing in our lives. It is time to reclaim our power and remember that we create our life through our thoughts and choices. When was the last time you ended your day and couldn’t remember what you did? Being aware of what you are choosing in each moment is part of reclaiming your power.
What lens do you use when you make your choices? Do you give the choice much thought or is it done on auto pilot? If you use auto pilot let me propose a different lens to use. I have used the lens of LOVE, GRATITUDE and SERVICE for a few years now and once I began this consciously my life began to shift. I consciously chose to pursue my spiritual path rediscovering who I am and why I am here. What a beautiful journey it has been for me as I chose to reclaim my power with the help of God/Creator/Spirit/ Source, whatever name you use for the ONE.
I am reading Soul Communication Opening Your Spiritual Channels for Success and Fulfillment by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha right now and was delighted to see the lens that he uses is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, FORGIVENESS and SERVICE. He also uses GRATITUDE consciously to thank Creator for the many blessings in his life each moment. I have also come to know that unless one forgives oneself and others growth in consciousness, feelings of joy, peace, harmony, abundance, prosperity and health can often be blocked. So I have now consciously added FORGIVENESS as part of the lens I use to make my choices. How hard is it to shift and create a new lens for decision making? It is simple yet our humanness can make it complicated. I choose simplicity now. How about you?
Victoria Barna
Speaker, Healer, Publisher & Author
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