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I have “consciously” been on my spiritual journey since 2001. I have encountered many Masters and Teachers along the way to mentor me. I can say that the one thing I absolutely love and respect about Victoria, is the pure love and judgement free nature she exudes. She is not of Ego. Everything and everyone simply IS and she accepts it and us as IS. This is a beautiful thing, as it truly gives others permission to also BE and creates a safe space for all people at all levels of their own personal journey, to come and enjoy, learn and grow. Her ability to completely surrender herself, whether in Trance, Channeling Luminous to provide guidance or allowing the Messengers of Light to come through and offer their loving and powerful healing energy, well, it’s simply AMAZING to witness and experience. I have incorporated both of her offerings with Luminous and the Messengers of Light, as part of my monthly self care. Because of the gift that Victoria is, I have been able to gain closure, heal and release what holds me back. For that, I have Infinite love & Gratitude for her choosing to live her Divine Purpose!!

S. Becker

Victoria Barna is wonderfully gifted, caring, and powerful. I am blessed and grateful to know her. She is one of the first people I think of when I need support in my life and one who I refer my friends, family, and students to. Her wisdom and grace shines through the many forms of how she expresses her gifts. Over the last several years of knowing Victoria, she has helped me with Life Coaching, Energy Work, Guided Healing Meditations, and Channeling. My heartfelt admiration and appreciation for Victoria is beyond words.

Andy Barkworth

Founder of On Path - Seifu (Master) in the 7 Circles Systems of Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Kung Fu: Traditional Marital & Healing Arts & Teacher at Paradise Valley Community College

Victoria is always there for me when I am stuck on my personal evolving journey of change and transformation. Her powerful connection to Spirit and her amazingly healing hands are both so divinely guided that I always feel as if I am being touched directly my Spirit. She has helped to see my own light and my own gifts and she has lovingly, and yet consistently encouraged me to share those gifts. She has helped me to get over myself and let my own bright light shine in the world. For that I am forever grateful.

Michelle Radomski

This experience is another level of unfolding and spiritual growth on my journey back to wholeness and integration. I enjoyed the spiritual connections and growth that occurred throughout the process. I will tell others that each time I have taken this course I have growth and integrated more and more. This is an amazing program that is worth experiencing more than once.

Apryl DelRio

Certified Teacher of Healing Meditation & Stress Management

This experience was an enlightening journey to self-discovery. A wonderful adventure of energy work and self-love that has forever changed by outlook on life. I have gained tools that I will forever utilize. I enjoyed the energy work, group sharing, meditations and love that was exchanged. An amazing group of women! I will tell others that I had a wonderful experience that will continue to help me to grow in love and acceptance and that they should reach out to Victoria and/or Gisela as part of an acceleration to get there quicker. The journey can be so tedious. This experience was so enlightening.”

Mona Garcia

I have lived near Storm Wisdom in Phoenix for the past 24 years. I had never attended any of their events until May of 2018. Not sure what pulled me in, but whatever it or whom it was, I was meant to be there at that point in time. I attended the healing session in the attempt to see what it was like. What I got was far more than I could have ever expected. Victoria was my healer, we went through the steps and although a little skeptical I would soon learn my fate. At the end of the session, I was attempting to head out when Victoria stopped me and pulled me aside. She indicated that I needed to seek medical attention immediately. A bit confused, I mentioned to her that in fact the very next day I was already scheduled for some testing. She stated that this had to do with something further down from my neck and that the healing angels had strongly suggested that I seek immediate medical attention. Well the following day I underwent my test and low and behold my doctor contacted me within 24 hours. I received several other tests, scans, x-rays etc. On July 23, 2018 I was diagnosed with Stage 1B Lung Cancer. I have since had a lung lobectomy and am now cancer free. Without Victoria’s guidance and persistence, I truly believe I would not have this extension of my life. The type of cancer I had would have taken over my entire lung within a short period of time. Victoria saved my life and I will be forever grateful for her and her healing angels. If your ever skeptical on what a healer can do, I highly recommend Victoria.

Robin Lewis

In terms of the healing work, I say that you help others gain clarity on what is going on and their fears and what is holding them back, you help them release them with the energy work. You also remind them of the power of choice which one is more open to as fears are released. You truly have one of the most genuine, non-judgemental hearts of anyone I know which provides a safe environment for people to shift what they are ready and willing to shift.


…Victoria helped clear away energetic blocks that were keeping me from enjoying success and fulfillment. With compassion, skill, and integrity, Victoria quickly and easily reaches the heart of each issue and facilitates release and healing that I have found efficient and effective. Since working with Victoria, my life experience is more peaceful, more prosperous, and more fulfilling. My heart is more open, and I am enjoying benefits on all levels… I highly recommend Victoria and all she offers.


The experience was helpful, enlightening, meant to be, wonderful, and inspiring. I enjoyed the energy work; the new friendships; and the acceptance of the new me. I will tell others to LET IT Go. Be thankful. Trust and believe.

Mary B.

WOW – I thoroughly enjoyed Victoria’s work. Incredible – in two hours I learned volumes about the patterns i choose in my life & their origins, from this life & beyond. Inspiring! Deeply insightful. So grateful she’s a part of the Storm Wisdom team… Many Thanks.


I want to thank you for the work you did. I have been feeling so much better and I haven’t felt the anxiety creeping up anymore. My fears are going away and I’m seeing my life a lot different. … I’m doing fantastic and so many amazing things have happened!! … You have helped so much in my journey. You took my anxiety away and you brought a lot of awareness and light in my life.

Maria P

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