Meditation is a wonderful practice for quieting the mind and going within oneself to the place of stillness or silence. This is a place where clarity and answers can be found. It is a place where one reconnects with his or her true and authentic self, the Divine within. Some refer to this place as the soul, true essence, higher consciousness and true self. Other names are used as well. Where is it found? It is best described as found within the heart space and connected to one’s third eye, or sixth chakra, and the crown, or seventh chakra, and beyond the physical body. In truth, the connection comes from the Universal Life Force God/Creator/Spirit/Source, or whatever name you give It. The names are many. It still remains a mystery.
As I finished meditating, in stillness, the other morning I was told that Creator had a gift for me. I was pleasantly surprised and my curiosity was immediately engaged. It was suggested that when I walked my dog after the meditation that I ask Creator, “What gift do you have for me?”
So my journey began. I felt that before I asked for the gift I would take a moment and reflect on my surroundings and acknowledge my gratitude for life in that moment. As I stepped outdoors I thanked Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon for all that they do to sustain and support life on this planet. I thanked Creator for life, health, abundance, prosperity, love, forgiveness, compassion, harmony, choice, awareness, remembering, for my family and friends and for my loving and loyal companion, my dog, Tassy.
I breathed in the breath of life of God/Creator as I walked and offered gratitude for the path supporting me, the symphony of the birds singing, the hummingbirds occasionally stopping in a tree to affirm us in joy, nature family surrounding us with beauty and perfection. The trees and plants coming out of dormancy and having first blushes of color were beautiful. How can one not believe in something bigger than us when such perfection and beauty abound? I was humbled and in awe, once again, of this beauty and perfection and grateful to be present in that moment of JOY! To be continued…
Victoria Barna
Speaker, Healer, Publisher & Author

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