As I walked and my mind quieted once again, as in meditation, I asked, “Creator, what gift do you wish for me to have right now?” Creator responded:
“Child, you have always had this gift for it is the very foundation of creation. It is time to bring it forth into conscious awareness and for it to remain there. Each and every life form has it at its core. It resides within each family of creation as well for each family represents different forms of life. It also is the foundation of this universe and the infinite number of universes. Dear and Precious Child, the gift is LOVE. LOVE is the most powerful gift I have given to all life. It is what transforms, for if one is consciously aware of LOVE, then there is no room for fear, hate, doubt, feeling of unworthiness, judgment or lack of trust, is there? All life forms were and are perfectly created and LOVE is what has created the perfection. How does one want to destroy that which is perfect and in harmony? With LOVE it is impossible. It is the human mind that has forgotten this gift. It is the human mind that has the ability to remember the gift of LOVE and, in the remembering, transformation will happen of a magnitude beyond anything that you have seen yet. It is the human mind that can choose LOVE or FEAR for I have given each form of life FREE WILL CHOICE.
LOVE, Dear and Precious Child of Mine, is the answer that will bring forth PEACE, JOY, HARMONY among all. LOVE is what will remove the boundaries and limitations of what is possible; for all is possible with LOVE. It is so simple, is it not, to choose LOVE over FEAR? Yet, the human mind can make things more complicated than is needed. Remember who you are and why you are here, Dear One. It is to remember that LOVE is all there is and to bring forth LOVE into your everyday conscious thoughts, words and actions. Look through the lens of LOVE and feel the change within you. See the change with others around you as you change, for it is only you that can change you, is it not? The choice is yours, Child, as it is for every life form. Choose, Dear One, for you are LOVED BEYOND MEASURE in each and every moment.”
As I walked and received, my heart opened more and more and tears rolled down my face. I felt the truth of this message and realized I have known this all along but once again I was reminded by Creator. This gift is invaluable. It is one that I cherish in each moment for it is there for each one of us and it requires no purchase. It is FREE for it is the core of who we are. It is there for each one of us to choose or not. LOVE is the answer. When we think, see, and do with LOVE as our core foundation, choices are different. Ask the question each time you are faced with a decision, “Is this choice I’m making based upon LOVE? Does it make my heart sing? Do I feel true joy with this choice?” If it isn’t, then what is your choice when LOVE is the foundation from which you create? Will your choice change?
Victoria Barna
Speaker, Healer, Publisher & Author

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