Message from Mary Magdalene

Mary MagdaleneBeloved Children of this universe, it is I, The Magdalene, who speaks with you now. Rejoice and receive what I give to you so freely—LOVE beyond all measure.
Much turmoil and chaos continue to exist in the world. Things continue to shift and change. Governments, institutions, beliefs, relationships, policies, the earth, and so much more are being affected.
Some of you may go through periods where you feel hopeless. Please do not lose hope. Have faith and trust. For great changes to occur many things must de-construct first.

Many of you yearn for peace and ask:


  • “How can peace prevail in this environment?”
  • “What can I do to bring about peace?”

First let me emphasize that the answer to this question begins with you—each one of you individually and uniquely as well as all of you combined collectively.
Your thoughts, words and actions are powerful. Peace must be found and experienced within you first. If you are not calm in your thoughts and actions, if you are not feeling peaceful, compassionate and loving of yourself and others in the deepest regions of your heart, then the filter that your decisions and experiences are made through may be distorted.
You have free will to create the life you want. Will your choices and responses be made from fear or will they be made from love?
All of us understand that many inequities seem to be happening in the world. There are many examples of this. Some call it duality consciousness. For example, there are extremes in wealth and poverty, obesity and starvation, the sheltered and the homeless, abusers and abused, to name a few.
It is time to shift awareness to a unified consciousness—the consciousness from which our Divinity resides—a consciousness that accepts and embraces ALL. Have we not come from the ONE Source that many of you call God?
Have we not come from the Consciousness that created ALL with LOVE and as LOVE? How could we forget our Source and our own Divine nature? It is time to remember that what one person feels and acts upon affects the whole. The more you remember your own Divine nature, then the easier it becomes to accept individual differences. You can begin to make choices and act on them consciously. You can feel and accept your loving and Divine nature and choose to accept others.
This period of time is transitional. Many beliefs, traditions, habits and perceptions are being challenged. It is time to release many of them or to change them. Peace begins within.
Peace begins within. Peace begins with one person at a time.
If it is peace that you truly desire, then “feel” and experience that peace within you. Once you do, then you can imagine and intend this feeling outward into the world that surrounds you. Your thoughts, words and actions affect the whole.
Dear Ones, I invite you to act and choose consciously. Notice those around you when you find your inner peace. Has anything changed? Notice the changes within you and those around you. Notice if these changes have come from fear or from love.
This is all for now. And so it is.
With Great Love,
Mary Magdalene
through Victoria Barna

Life Coach, Author & Speaker
©Victoria Barna, Channeled September 1, 2013

Peace Begins Within

Gratitude for Mary Magdalene artwork: © by Lily Moses