Channeled Message from Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene

Greetings, Beloved Children of the universe(s). It is I, The Magdalene, who speaks with you now. Feel the unconditional LOVE I freely give. Allow yourself to receive this LOVE in this moment NOW.
This is a great time to give thanks. What are you grateful for, Dear Ones? When you focus on the blessings in your life great change and transformation can take place. What may seem to you tragic in one moment may be a blessing in disguise. Often the bigger picture is not revealed until much later. Dear Ones, please trust that all is well.
It is time to REMEMBER your true nature. It is time for your soul to awaken to its truth. It is time to explore what you believe and ask, “Are these my beliefs or someone else’s?” If they no longer resonate, Dear Ones, then choose to let them go. How many of your own stories have created limitations for you? Are you ready to release these self-imposed boundaries and restrictions?
Yes, Dear Ones, they are yours to release for you are the only one who can change you! Consciously choose, Dear Ones. Consciously choose to remember and accept that you are part of the whole—an integral part. What you choose affects the whole.
What if you were to choose to think, speak, see and act using a lens of LOVE? Will you, your environment and others change? Are you willing to try? Remember, change begins with you first. Peace begins within!
What is the first step you will take? Are you ready to take a leap of faith and choose to begin today? Are you willing to try this for one day, one week, one month, or longer—perhaps a lifetime?
If you are willing, then for this moment take a few deep conscious cleansing breaths. Create your intention. For example, I intend to think, see, speak, and act using the lens of LOVE in each moment today. All that is not LOVE I release, change, transform, and transmute with ease and Grace. And so it is.
Feel the truth of your intention in every cell of your body, mind, and Spirit. Now let go and enjoy your experience.
At the end of the day take a few moments to quiet your mind and center with a few deep cleansing breaths. Do an inward scan and notice what’s different from when your day began. If you like, you can keep a journal to record your experiences during this time of transition. If you choose to continue these experiences, then create an intention each day. It can be the same one or a different one. It’s up to you. If you feel stuck, ask for help to continue moving forward from your guides or God.
You are never alone, Dear Ones. You are fully supported. We in the unseen continue to support you in each moment. Call on us for help. Ask God or whoever you call the One Source of All That Was, Is, and Ever Will Be to help. With LOVE all is possible.
LOVE is the greatest transformer of all! And so it is.
With Great Love
Mary Magdalene
through Victoria Barna
Life Coach, Author & Speaker
©Victoria Barna, Channeled November 28, 2013

Love is the greatest transformer: Mary Magdalene