Mary Magdalene through Victoria Barna
Yes, it is I, the Magdalene, speaking to you now, Dear and Precious Children of the Universe. I hold each and every one of you in my heart and I send you LOVE beyond measure. I speak through the channel known as Victoria for we have agreed that this is so.
There is much to share with you at this time on planet earth, is there not? Many messages are coming forth for it is a great time of spiritual awakening and growth of consciousness.
LOVE is the journey, Dear Ones. It always has been and it always will be. This fundamental premise has been forgotten for eons of time and now is coming into conscious awareness on a greater scale. When one returns to the core of who he or she is truly—an essence that is LOVE—miracles occur, do they not? LOVE is the state of BEING that must prevail.
Now let me ask you this: “Why is LOVE not present for many?” We speak here not of romantic love but of unconditional love—LOVE beyond all measure.
LOVE as a state of BEING is different from being in love although both can co-exist. When you are LOVE it is unconditional and eternal. You have acceptance, peace, joy, bliss, harmony, a remembrance of yourself and who you are, and why you chose to incarnate in this lifetime. You recognize and remember that you are ONE with All-That-Was, Is and Ever-Will-Be. You remember that you are part of SOURCE, created in love. You remember yourself as LOVE and as love incarnate. Your connection goes far beyond your physical body. You are part of limitless time and space. You are part of limitless dimensions and experiences, past, present and future. You are also here NOW, a spiritual being having a human experience, contributing to the growth of ALL consciousness and expanding awareness. You have chosen this time and place to BE, and your experiences are yours to create for all of you are powerful creators with limitless resources available to you.
Now here is the irony of BEING LOVE. LOVE is who you are NOW, always have been and always will be. There are no exceptions. So, why do we have chaos, fear and suffering, feelings of unworthiness, illness and lack today on earth? For many years some individuals have chosen to use power, greed and selfish action as ways to be. What choices have you made?
Most people have forgotten that they are MORE than who they think they are! It is as if a cloud or a veil has hidden the true self, the spiritual self. NOW is a great time of spiritual awakening. The clouds and veils are clearing. Humanity and Precious Mother Earth have reached a crossroads.
What path will you choose now?
The path of LOVE, peace, joy, abundance, prosperity and harmony for all, or will you choose to stay on the present path of perpetuating broken systems, suffering, greed, power, hopelessness and lack for too many people?
Change is possible—one choice at a time, one individual at a time. You are like the ripples in a pond when a pebble is dropped. Know that your choice is like the pebble and its effects are far-reaching.
This may sound strange to you but remember, Dear and Precious Children of the Universe, you are eternal spiritual beings choosing to have human experiences in this time and place. Yes, this is true. Many of you are ancient and wise souls who have chosen to be here at this time for precisely this reason: to bring about and effect change.
You have been given free will, choice, by Creator/Mother-Father-God/Source/All-That-Is-ONE. How beautiful this is, for Creator will never force you to make choices against your own will. Growth occurs through the choices we make, does it not? A great awakening has started on earth. Systems and choices are being questioned. Individual accountability is being brought into the LIGHT. Opportunities to change, shift and grow are here now.
How does one return to the state of BEING, the state of BEING that you were originally? How do you become LOVE every minute?
It begins one choice at a time—a choice that is consciously made. It is time to reclaim the power of your true self and allow, accept and own the glory and magnificence of the creator you are, one who co-creates with All and serves the highest and greatest good for life, humanity, this earth and all universes. It is time to release anything that no longer serves you, and it is time to embrace the TRUTH that change begins within, peace begins within and LOVE begins within. No one or any other thing can do it for you. It is you who must take the first step and the first action.
You are not alone, for all you have to do is ask for help, clarity, strength, forgiveness, releasing, understanding, and LOVE BEYOND MEASURE from Creator/Mother-Father-God/Source/All-That-Is-ONE in each moment.
Ask for the divine beings of LIGHT to guide and assist you. They will not impose but only wait for your call. Nothing is too great or too small. ASK for help, assistance and guidance, Dear Ones. We are here waiting for your call. Angels, ascended masters, medicine men and women of the Light, spirit guides from the animal kingdom, gods/goddesses, elementals, fairies and ancestors, to name a few, all await your call.
Do not feel overwhelmed by so many to call upon. Over time they will make themselves known to you, if you are open to receive them. For now, call upon the ONE you hold most high, the ONE you may or may not name, for this is not about religion; rather, it is about growing and expanding self and consciousness for ALL. This is your journey in this time and space—the journey of LOVE. Allow, accept and own it for it is yours to choose.
It is with great love, joy and peace that I offer these words to you. It is I, the Magdalene, who has spoken. So it is done.


Beloved Mary Magdalene first made her presence known to Victoria in 2008. After much dialogue it was agreed that The Magdalene would speak through Victoria carrying forth messages of LOVE.

Victoria Barna, author of CHOICE A Simple Way to Peace and
RECLAIM YOUR POWER An Evolving Journey of Choice and Transformation, spiritual healer and teacher, founded Evolving Journeys and Evolving Journeys Publishing House to Create Success through Conscious Awareness . . . one choice and one book at a time. Victoria believes that LOVE is the greatest transformer of all; we are all creators and masters, ONE with God/Source/Creator/All-That-Ever-Was-and-Will-Be.
©Copyright 12/14/2009