“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.”

Wayne Dyer, American author and speaker

How are you this week? Is 2023 easy to navigate so far? I know that there’s a lot of universal energy moving right now. I’ve found myself feeling blessed, grateful, loved, and optimistic. I’ve also felt, on the other end of the scale, fatigued and disheartened! So, a wide range of emotions. In other words, I’m going with the flow!! In spite of feeling such a wide range of emotions I’ve also reflected on living an abundant life. I’m doing exactly what I love! What do I love? I love to help others. It happens in so many ways and I get to choose how I do it! I realize that I don’t celebrate or dance enough though!

So, why not dance? Persian poet, Islamic scholar, and Sufi mystic, Rumi, has said, “O Particle, it’s time to dance! Don’t you know you are the very source of abundance, and whatever you are seeking, you are its very essence.” We truly are the very source of our own abundance aren’t we? What we think, believe, and the choices we make will create the foundation or cornerstone of our life. As the celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr’s birthday approaches I wonder how often he danced. Hmm.

I like to believe that he understood that he was the source of his abundance and his love for God and all life underscored his peaceful movement to ensure civil, racial, and equal rights for everyone. I like to think that he found his moments to dance as he celebrated small victories to end segregation. His faith and trust in God was strong! His work came from a source of love and continues to this day. At times it feels like it’s two steps forward and ten steps backward and yet we continue to move forward and evolve.

What if you choose to move forward looking within for the beliefs, ideas, and perceptions that you hold and keep you separate from love and happiness? What if now is the time to let go of the ones that create resistance and interfere with your personal growth and forward movement? It’s up to each one of us to make a change if we want. Are you ready to change? What if you choose to dance in the privacy of your home, under the moonlight, in the forest, or on the sand to celebrate letting go of the old stuff? What if you don’t? Are you ready to create a new foundation, doing what you love, so that abundance is the cornerstone of your life? Rumi has also said “Dance as if no one’s watching you. Sing as if no one can hear you. Love as if you have never been hurt before. Live as if heaven is on earth.” Why not? What’s there to lose?

Perhaps the path that Martin Luther King, Jr. chose to walk isn’t your path. Remember that the beauty of the time here on earth is to create your own individual and unique experience and path. Be the kind of peaceful warrior that you want to be. Dance! Abundance can be the cornerstone of your life. Go within. You are the essence of what you seek. Create and do what you love. Heaven is here on earth.

I’m cheering you on and imagining all of you dancing and singing your hearts out this week. I wish that you also open your hearts more to receive more love! You deserve it! I’m sending you lots of love now! Enjoy receiving it!

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