Today I’m introducing a new group of what I will call unseen friends to you. Although they don’t really have a name they have given me one to make me feel more comfortable and not try and figure it out! Imagine that! They are called Luminus and are a collective group of 7 Light Beings. At some point I will share my evolving relationship with them if you are interested.
Many of you know that I channel messages from The Magdalene and they are posted on my blog. During my private sessions I also channel, when appropriate, messages from other unseen friends and sometimes loved ones. I love how my channeling is becoming more of a priority. I claim and own it now in ways that I haven’t before. I love my journey of re-membering and re-discovering. WooHoo!
Following is a message to share with you today:
Behold! The light and love you are emerges and shines brighter in each moment. Frequencies and resonance continue to shift, pulse and radiate outward creating a rippling effect—like a pebble creates ripples when it hits the water.
Think of each individual and unique soul/human as a pebble. Imagine the ripples that are created resonating in many different frequencies, yes? Some create discord and others create harmony. This is true of life and what is currently happening on Earth is it not?
Each individual must freely choose the resonance/frequency/reality that they wish to create. It is truly a personal choice that must be made. The time is now to choose—discord or harmony.
Remember, LOVE is at the core of all creation. Do you LOVE you enough to create harmony in your life? What will it take? What must change? Are you willing to change?
Your experience is determined by how you respond to what’s going on around you; your interactions with others; and the choices you make. It’s as easy and complicated as you choose to make it, yes?
We are the Luminus 7 and are here to serve. You are loved beyond all measure. And so it is.

Victoria Barna, MA
Trance Channel, Healer & Author
©Victoria Barna