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Transforming & Shifting Your Vibration...

This CD was co-created with a gifted fourth generation musician named Randell. Listening to him play his Native American flutes touches the heart and soul. His music has been said “to paint beautiful pictures within the heart” inspiring others to find that place within themselves called home.
With Spirit guiding us; a magical symphony was created to support the guided meditations. Enjoy the Guided Journey home as the angels, ancients and spirit guides lead you to the place of stillness within.

Guided Journeys Meditation CD (MP3 Download) $5.00

Select meditations from Victoria’s book Reclaim Your Power An Evolving Journey of Choice and Transformation have been recorded to enhance your meditative experience. Find a quiet place and journey within to the place of stillness where your answers to your questions can be found.
Mother-Father God/Spirit/Source/Creator/All That is One; whatever you name the ONE Source is always with you. Rediscover the creator you are and your connection with ALL. We are ONE and in our ONENESS all is possible.

PEACE begins within…Enjoy and Remember!

Reclaim Your Power Digital Download – $5.00

Peace & Harmony – Soothe your soul after a hectic and stressful day with a 15 minute guided visualization by Victoria accompanied by Gisela and the Angel Harp.
Feel the tension and stress gently leave your body. Enjoy an added bonus of 15 minutes of Angel Harp instrumental.

Peace & Harmony Digital Download – $1.99

Create Joy – The beloved energy of Mary Magdalene helps you feel energized and happy through a 15 minute guided visualization with Victoria accompanied by Gisela and the Angel Harp. Let the giggles and laughter emerge. A real “pick me up” when you feel overwhelmed.

Create Joy reminds you how precious you and life are and how powerful you are as creator! Enjoy an added bonus of 15 minutes of Angel Harp instrumental.

Create Joy Digital Download – $1.99

Unconditional Love – Change and transformation begin within each one of us. Feel unconditional love and compassion as you listen to Victoria’s 15 minute guided visualization accompanied by Gisela and the Angel Harp. Open your heart and remember that you aren’t alone; feel how loved you are by God and the universe. Love is the greatest transformer of all! Enjoy an added bonus of 15 minutes of Angel Harp instrumental.

Unconditional Love Digital Download – $1.99

Chakra Clearing with Toning – Feel the vibrations of vocal sounds by Victoria and Gisela accompanied by the beautiful angel harp frequencies as they move through your body chakras. Feel your chakras open as energy releases and freely moves. This MP3 is a great tool as you practice using your own voice feeling the vibrations in your body resonating with the tones you generate. This practice is especially helpful as it supports opening the throat chakra and giving you the confidence to speak your truth. This MP3 is 15 minutes toning and 15 minutes Angel Harp instrumental.

Chakra Clearing with Toning – $1.99

Receive all 4 of our High Frequency MP3’s for Transforming & Shifting Your Vibration

Peace & Harmony, Create Joy, Unconditional Love & Chakra Clearing with Toning Digital Downloads – $5.00

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