I write to inspire, create self-awareness + acceptance, instill hope, and remind you that you are never alone and that you are loved beyond all measure!

The books and their words are filled with intention and are Divinely guided. They come from my heart to yours.

Be All That You Are!

Be All That You Are is a coloring storybook for all ages!

Whispers From My Heart

Reflections with Coloring Mandalas & Journal Pages

Reclaim Your Power

An Evolving Journey of Choice & Transformation…

Your Number Vibrations

Know Yourself Through Your Numbers… How do numbers affect us?

You Are A Healer

Allow, Accept & Own It…

Choice – A Simple Way To Peace

USA Book News “Award Winning Finalist” in Young Adult Fiction and New Age Fiction…


The CDs are co-created with intention, love, and gifted musicians!

Choose what resonates with you right now!

Guided Journeys

Meditations and Music for the Heart and Soul…

Reclaim Your Power Companion Meditations

An Evolving Journey of Choice and Transformation…

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