Hi there! I’m Victoria.

I’m so grateful that you found me. I love how the Universe works, don’t you? There’s no coincidence...

If you want to:

• Accept who are and where you are right now
• Trust your instincts and intuition more
• Let go of old habits, patterns, behaviors and thoughts
• See your choices more clearly
• Integrate all aspects of you
• Realize that you have nothing to “fix”
• Feel more balance + inner peace
• Remember that LOVE is the greatest transformer of all

How do I help?

I feel JOY when you are inspired by what I write + teach; self-healing is activated; and/or YOU REMEMBER + ACCEPT how fabulous and brilliant you are!

I’m happiest when I feel your inner light glow as it shines brighter; and you become more open to receive. WooHoo!

I’m here to help with:

• Removing your Spiritual Water Wings and dive into the deep end of the pool
• Exploring the root cause of physical dis-harmony in your body
• Personal Growth
• Inner Transformation
• Self-Acceptance + Acceptance of others
• Conscious Living
• Co-Creating the life you want to live
• Being open to receive

You are so much more than you think. Your soul, spirit and High Self (the highest aspect of your consciousness) have a far greater vision for you and always invite you to make a choice to explore, surrender, trust and embrace a greater vision.

The journey of spiritual awakening + personal growth + transformation can be cool + fun if you want!
You’re not alone. We work together. Think of me as a guide or facilitator.

Are you ready to make a conscious choice to surrender and trust; allow more magical moments in your life; take a leap of faith and step into the unknown? Are you ready to explore the many aspects of you and then embrace and integrate your whole being?

If you are, then let’s explore the possibilities together and I will support you 100% as you follow a magical and often unexpected evolving journey of spiritual awakening and growth.

We can work together in three ways. You can choose one or all three. Private Sessions, Classes + Retreats, or Shop for books and CDs to support and inspire you as you change and transform! Click on the pictures below for more cool information!

I get something too:

When the light bulb goes on within you I clap, laugh and shout “WooHoo!” Then, like a butterfly, you spread your wings and fly—accepting and owning your brilliant and limitless self!

It’s all up to you! You are the magic. I’m here to help!




    You’re not alone. We work together…

    I will support you 100% as you follow a magical
    and often unexpected evolving journey of spiritual
    awakening & growth.